There’s no better time to start your college application than now

Many high school students don’t start to think about college applications until their Senior year. Combined with senior school activity and juggling with projects and tests in November and December, they don’t have adequate time to work on their applications and it results in poorly constructed applications that reduce their edges.

It’s also a big task. It’s the time to tell a story about all your sweat and tears. Take your time, make it good. Make it quirky. Make it unique.


  1. Register an account at UC ApplicationCommon App, or whichever college application platform your college uses. You can see all the platforms here: What Are the Most Popular College Application Systems? But also read college websites and search the term “admission application” to find out. For example, MIT has its own platform.
  2. Try to fill out the form to your best ability here are some tips:
    a. Present yourself as a person, not a list of achievements
    b. Reflect on your life experiences and how those shaped you as a person
    c. Focus on the positives in your life, including challenges that have been overcome
  3. Do not submit yet! This is just the beginning of the process. Look for the Review option and print it out for review (or download it as a pdf so you can annotate). Ask yourself the same question from 2. and your goal is to help colleges to know who you are and what do you want to do.
  4. You can stretch your achievements a bit if you think you are able to achieve them before you submit your application. So you still have time to make it happen.

Why so early? Because it takes time and they ask tough questions so it’s better to get a preview before you start answering them.

Self-exploration is one of the hardest things a person can do and don’t expect to complete your application in days, instead, think about it in months.

The sooner you start the better so do not rush yourself or declare a deadline for submission.

It’s a good time to start your essays and write your responses to the short answer prompts so you have an idea about what does it look like when you sit down with a blank page, even though you probably have no idea how college admissions work.

You want to have your story prepared, you don’t want to start from scratch during the application process.

Good luck!

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