Sneak Peek of Upcoming Book (outline)

  • You are not alone, and many are on this transfer journey.
    • No one wants to talk about it because not enough support you would get
    • Or you are still figuring out, and a quiet and non-disturbance is what you need.
  • If you don’t want to talk to anyone about it, this is the perfect book to read. I provide thought-provoking questions you need to ask yourself before starting your community college, during preparation for college transfer, and while applying for college transfer.
  • I provide guidelines you will need at every step of college transfer. We will assess your study skills, so you know what you need to equip yourself for college-level courses. We will talk about whether a 2-year transfer or 3-year transfer fits you. We will figure out the right sequence to fulfill your transfer requirements and special transfer programs, including the Transfer Admission Guarantee to one of the popular UC campuses. We will discuss extracurricular and campus involvements to enhance your later application. We will share and dissect successful transfer cases. We will walk you through step-by-step how to write college-transfer applications and essays. 
  • This is not an ordinary college transfer counseling course. I am an immigrant from Taiwan. I entered Arcadia High School as a junior and was unable to meet college requirements. I was depressed and devastated. I was isolated and suffered loneliness due to the language barrier and culture unfitting. Going to a good university and having a good life was all my hope that carried me every day. Until “Sorry, but you are not qualified to apply for college in California,” my counselor told me. That was not easy for me to accept and made me wonder if my parents made the right decision and if my path forward to the American Dream was no longer available.
  • “You can still go to community college and transfer,” my counselor suggested.
  • “Who the fuck cares about community college. I am just a loser among my friends. They are all going to UCs or somewhere better.” I simply couldn’t comprehend what that meant. And, of course, that was all being told and nothing else. No more guidance. Just – “You can still go to a community college.”
  • I cannot say going to a community college and then transferring is better than starting as a freshman at a 4-year university.
  • I learned so much about myself and about life while navigating college transfer. I met my best friends who also strived for the best education. We started in a community college. 
    • They are doctors, dentists, and PhDs from prestigious institutions like Harvard and Caltech.
    • The rest of us became entrepreneurs and strive in our industry like me. 
    • I transferred to UC Berkeley and studied Neuroscience. I earned a master’s degree in psychology and now consult Education companies to make learning experiences relevant and applicable to their student audience. 
    • You certainly become the mature one as the transfer student, and resilience is your strength because college transfer is an easy task, and if you can do it, you are certainly well-versed in dealing with life problems.
    • It turned out it was a necessary step for me to reach the rich life I have now. 
      • I wake up every morning with excitement to help more students and generate better ideas to make education useful. 
      • I enjoy new experiences around the world, and I am an interesting person to talk to, so I have a lot of friends. 
      • I am happily married to my dearest partner for life.
      • I make a decent amount of money. I accumulate more and more wealth and expect to earn more and more every year.
  • What I am saying is that you start with a community college, and you thrive. No one can stop you. Only yourself. 
  • However, It’s indeed more complicated than going starting freshman year at a 4-year university. But I guarantee you that if you can figure it out, you are better off with your life than most freshmen in 4-year universities. 
    • This is not a talk down to 4-year university freshmen but addressing the lack of guidance from high school counselors and the education system. 
    • I am talking about the push and pressure for you to go to a college but never prepare you to go through colleges and get a successful career. That is like pumping you up to jump off a cliff and not telling you why to take the risk and what is down there.
    • I did not figure out my career because I was busy getting a 4.0 GPA and joining clubs, so I had a good college application. Then what?

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