Missing Assignments

I feel bad that you have a lot of missing assignments and your teachers and tutors are not being helpful.

If you feel overwhelmed and don’t know what to do, you are probably feeling the symptom of analysis paralysis that you subconsciously know you cannot finish but can’t admit because they kept telling you that you could so you are looking for tricks to do so.

The truth is – you won’t be able to finish all the assignments and that is OK.

However, there is a lesson to learn and we all face this kind of challenge once in a while.

I personally experience analysis paralysis on the weekly basis and writing down all the tasks on a paper in front of me helps me to consolidate my time and resources so I know what to do to create an optimal outcome of the situation (note that I said optimal, not ideal, because I already miss the moment which is last week).

Whenever you face a big challenge, it’s always helpful to break it down and dissect the challenge a bit.

Once this project (complete all missing assignments) is broken down you will be able to execute and do as many as you can.

Here is, especially, how to break down each assignment:

  • each row is an assignment
  • columns are attributes of an assignment

I will suggest you start with the ones with LOW Est. Time of Completion or FEWER Obstacles because you can do it yourself.

Once you build up the momentum you may move to more challenging assignments. However, as I said above, you probably won’t finish all of them but try anyway.

How to avoid this fiasco?

You should never have any missing assignments by the end of the week.

Doesn’t matter what types of students you are or do you care about school, you should at least do this – complete all assignments and readings by the end of the week.

You can procrastinate all you want within a week but never until the next week, and here’s why – every week is a cycle and if you miss an assignment last week you might as well just forget about it and move on to the next assignment that is coming up next week.

Over years of coaching students, doing missing assignments is a lost cause because it’s likely that the student doesn’t have the knowledge for the missing assignments and they end up COPYING answers online.

Additionally, you probably also have other assignments coming up, and the missing assignment snowballs to a point that giving up seems to be easier.

So if you are already having a hard time keeping up the CURRENT school learning, focus on that first and work on the missing assignments after you have caught up with the current learning materials.

Want more technical skills and resources to manage your study better? Check out the student resource from UC Berkeley and start with Techniques to Manage Procrastination

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