I failed my first semester, what do I do now?

You don’t do anything. Take the hit and move on.

Next semester, focus on getting a few things right:

  1. Read the syllabus before the first class and understand what is expected as a student from the BEGINNING TO THE ENG of the class.
  2. Figure out how you will meet those expectations and problem-solve as early as possible. Do not wait until the last minute, there’s no harm to ask, “I know this homework is due in 2 months but I know I need to start it now, where do I start?”
  3. Make a schedule for the rest of the semester in the first week of class. Why? Because once you see the bigger picture, you would like to start some school work ahead of them because they are difficult or you simply are not good at certain types of schoolwork.

If it’s already tough and you are barely hanging on the cliff of your academic performance, go talk to your academic advisor or career counselor.

It might not be because the academic demand is difficult, you might be in the wrong pursuit. And the beauty is that you still have time, go figure it out!

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