College transfer pro tip#2 – plan ahead for course sequences

In this post, I am going to talk about how to make sure you may transfer to another college in 2 years without delay.

If you want to make sure you transfer in 2 years, don’t make this mistake.

A prerequisite is a course you need to complete before taking the class. Sometimes the course is in sequence and some major courses like Economic, Accounting, Biology, Physics, Chemistry, Math … etc

So you need to make sure you start taking the prerequisites from the beginning so you can take the sequential courses you need to complete your transfer requirements.

Another thing to be aware of is when the courses in the sequence are being offered. Some major courses are only offered during the Fall and Spring so you will need the first year and half of the second year just to finish a 3-course sequence.

For example, if one of your college transfer courses is Calculus III (the same logic apply to ECON 1B or Biology 1C) then you need to make sure you are taking (or completed) the prerequisites Math course in sequence like this:

Calculus I -> Calculus II -> Calculus III. If one of these three courses is not available during your Winter/Summer semester, you will need to complete it in the first Fall and Spring + the second Fall. And if you miss taking the first course, Calculus I in freshman year, you will not able to complete the transfer requirement at the end of sophomore year. In this scenario, you have to wait for the third year to take the complete the rest of the sequence in order to fulfill the transfer requirement.


Review your transfer requirements as soon as you decide on college transfer and prioritize courses in sequences first before other GE so you can make sure you complete transfer requirements within 2 years without hiccups.

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