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Hi, I am Michael. I am a college admission counselor since 2016. My goal is to get you to the right college that elevates your personal life and career and maximize your ROI of education.

  • Find transfer colleges and majors that promise you a career, not just a degree
  • Help you transfer to another college if you don’t like where you are right now

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The Perfect Two-Year College Transfer Timeline (Infographic)

In this post, I walk through the timeline (infographic) of a 2-year college transfer plan. Preferably, you want to start your transfer process when you are still in high school, so you are not late to join other transfer-driven community college students. Starting early comes with advantages – you get the not-so-new student status which…

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GPA for UCLA. Let’s Talk about it.

GPA — One number that encompasses who knows what; one number that schools and parents obsess so much; one number that determines your chance to enter a prestigious college like UCLA. I struggled to raise my GPA because I did not know how did it even work. For example, did you know that an A earns you…

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Sneak Peek of Upcoming Book (outline)

You are not alone, and many are on this transfer journey. No one wants to talk about it because not enough support you would get Or you are still figuring out, and a quiet and non-disturbance is what you need. If you don’t want to talk to anyone about it, this is the perfect book…

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College transfer is a choice not a compromise

Many immigrant students came to the age of middle school or worse, high school. Their parents spent large amounts of money and effort to reside in the best school district they can find. Those parents hope that the school will send them to the best college and have a bright future.

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What are some simple tricks to pass an exam without studying for it?

I know exactly what you are asking for. Unfortunately, to get an A on an exam without studying is impossible unless you cheat. But that’s not what you are asking for, you just want to pass. But passing exams without studying is totally possible. Here’s how: Pay attention in class and try to anticipate what your teacher might test you…

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Is an SAT score more important than a high school GPA for college admissions?

You are looking at the competitive college admissions wrong. Competitive colleges NEVER emphasize one item more than another. They look at your overall character. That means EVERYTHING. But that doesn’t mean you need to be good at everything but you continue to develop your character and manage student basic responsibilities such as school attendance and class performance. Instead of thinking about…

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admission pro tip #1 – volunteer opportunities

In this post, I want to bring a new perspective to look at volunteering (if you are in HS) or internships (if you are in college). If you are struggling to find the motivation or the meaning to do community service, this post will help you to navigate through the noises and find the right…

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college transfer pro tip #3 – college is not high school

In this post, I discuss the main difference between high school and community college and how you can adjust to it. After helping many students transfer from Pasadena City College (PCC), Santa Monica College (SMC), and Mt San Antonio College (MtSACT), I found out that students who understood the difference had a less hard time…

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In order to get into a top university, is it better to be at the top of your class at a mediocre high school, or near the top of a prestigious high school?

It’s all circumstantial. That means, to college admission, it does not matter where you go for high school, but what did you do in the context of your environment and resources. In most cases, students don’t have a say in which school to attend due to school district or parent choice. So if you do have options, you are the lucky few and it’s…

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Find a degree’s worth and its job prospects

In this post, I share an exercise to assess a degree’s worth and job prospects by surveying career potential from alumni, stats from Bureau of Labor Statistics, and more. Going over this exercise will not only give you a glimpse of your post-graduation future but give you a good idea of where your opportunities lay…

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College admission pro tip #1 – know what they are looking for

I share a list of items that admission officers care about so you know what marks to make in this post. That really helps your admission officers to SEE you. When I was in high school, I was reluctant to “comply” with what’s seen to be good. I only did the schoolwork that I thought…

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Show your interest to colleges and they will show you the way

Make a college list. “I mean for real. Start listing all the colleges right now.” I say to all my students at the beginning of their college counseling, and I hope they have something. “So, why do you want to go to those colleges? Other than ‘my parents want me to go’ or ‘because I…

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College transfer pro tip#2 – plan ahead for course sequences

In this post, I am going to talk about how to make sure you may transfer to another college in 2 years without delay. If you want to make sure you transfer in 2 years, don’t make this mistake. A prerequisite is a course you need to complete before taking the class. Sometimes the course…

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